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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Timmer's Lucid Retrospectives Ending 2005 ~ The War in Iraq

Let's have a SHOW OF HANDS!
Forward: Reality is much better than fiction

Now that another challenging year for our country, and indeed the world, is coming to a close, I think it is appropriate to set the record straight for our Liberal friends in Congress, the Media and Hollywood concerning Iraq. Even some of our more Conservative friends and allies might just want to read these articles - as the MSM is still very good at one thing: Incessant Brainwashing of the masses.

Although these articles don't always paint a rosy picture, my goal is to be more comprehensive in taking off some blinders to what we have accomplished, along with the mistakes and miscalculations that have plagued us.

The Main-Stream Media: Rewriting Reality

An undeniable indicator of this is the utter "shock and awe" that our service men and women feel when they return home to find the media IGNORING the real news in Iraq while painting a dark, one-sided and embellished picture of alleged failure and hopelessness.

Here are two letters from returning soldiers, each with their own unique take on this outrageous disconnect between the media and what happens on the ground in Iraq:
For myself, I meet returning military personnel every week - and without provocation from me the story is almost always the same - our accomplishments in Iraq have been largely ignored, while the bad news is sensationalized. This to the utter shame of American, and some international, media.

Judging the case for war

Much political hay has been made by the Left concerning our involvement with Iraq. In an article from the Chicago Tribune, entitled Judging the case for war, Bruce Dold makes a fair and balanced case on why, despite flawed intelligence and some blunders, waging this war was the right thing to do.

The strongest case for war lies in its predicted success. This was born out by some non-military visitors to Iraq, who have seen the progress and the media discrepancies here at home. Senator Joe Lieberman, with whom I otherwise often disagree, was one such figure. Give a revisit to my article from November, entitled Joe Lieberman says "Our Troops Must Stay!"

12 Iraqi War Myths

A result of the Main-Stream Media campaign against the War in Iraq has been the perpetuation, and exaggeration, of lies about what has happened. In a very well written piece posted over at The Religion of Peace, entitled 12 Iraqi War Myths, the following (popular anti-war) "myths" are thouroughly debunked:
  • Americans have killed 100,000 Iraqi Civilians

  • Insurgents only want an end to the “Occupation”

  • Fighting Terrorism Simply Creates More Terrorists

  • The War was About Oil

  • The War is based on a lie. Bush Lied about WMD’s

  • The Insurgents are Freedom Fighters, in the Spirit of 1776

  • 500,000 Iraqi Children Perished because of American-supported UN Sanctions

  • Iraq is a Winner for U.S. Democrats

  • “They” are Insurgents, not Terrorists

  • Anti-War Activists are truly Motivated by the Human Cost of War

  • Iraq is a Disaster

  • America is Waging a Crusade against Islam
Speaking of myths, I would also add to this that, despite talk of ruinous shambles, the Iraqi Economy is showing HUGE progress:
  • Employment rates have improved to the level of some industrialized European countries

  • They have their own independent Stock Exchange

  • 30% higher average income levels since Saddam

  • The Iraqi Dinar has been MORE STABLE than the U.S. Dollar for over a year now!
Conclusion ~ A bright future for Iraq and the Middle East

Despite a ferocious insurgency, weak or politically motivated Congressmen and a body of media organizations seemingly bent on the failure of this Global War on Terror, great things have yet been achieved with our heroic military and the brave people in Iraq. And yes, a resolute and strong-willed couple of leaders named George Bush and Tony Blair.

To quote myself from an earlier piece: "When the history of the early 21st century is written, I think it would surprise most of us "Cyber Age" children how the lens of hindsight will focus... brave Iraqis staring death in the face just by casting their ballots, and sporting a purpled index finger to prove it."

Some Other GOOD NEWS pieces regarding the Middle East from yours truly in 2005:
There will be more challenges to come that are unforeseen - of that, at least, we can be certain. But there is no reason to doubt that 2006 will be a Great New Year - for our own Beloved Nation, Friends and Allies who have stuck by us, and the long-struggling peoples of the Middle East, who have all now smelled or tasted the sweet fruit of Freedom. I predict that the world will never be the same again.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Captured Terror Suspects May Go Free on Technicality

Lawyers Contemplate Civil Case Against President
Ali and Yusef's Most Explosive Adventure
In the latest twist of this exploding story, Terror suspects who were captured in the United States, with the help of a highly classified intelligence gathering program leaked to the New York Times, will now try to use this information to have their cases thrown out of court. In fact, their lawyers have indicated an interest in pursuing a subsequent civil complaint against President Bush.

The New York Times (that very same newspaper that knowingly reported classified National Security information), published an article entitled Defense Lawyers in Terror Cases Plan Challenges Over Spy Efforts.
"Defense lawyers in some of the country's biggest terrorism cases say they plan to bring legal challenges to determine whether the National Security Agency used illegal wiretaps against several dozen Muslim men tied to Al Qaeda."
This program invoked by the President,
  • Is probably legal under the Constitution (see below)

  • Has been approved by two Attorney Generals

  • Was briefed to both Congressional Intelligence Oversight Committees over a dozen times

  • Is based on a precedent of presidential powers that had been set by Bill Clinton

  • Has thwarted at least two terrorist attacks against the U.S. and Britain - possibly dozens (still classified)
Regarding the legality of President Bush's use of non-FISA NSA wiretapping, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross writes in his article Defense Challenges to NSA Wiretaps: Legal Issues over at The Counterterrorism Blog:
"...the government's strongest argument is that the NSA wiretaps were legal. While this isn't a settled issue of law, there's a strong argument that because of the president's constitutional authority in the area of foreign affairs, the president may authorize surveillance to obtain foreign intelligence information without obtaining a warrant. United States v. Truong (Fourth Circuit 1980), which was based on a pre-FISA set of facts, held that the president did have this power to conduct warrantless surveillance. Thereafter, in In re Sealed Case (2002), a special court convened to hear FISA appeals noted that Truong and all other courts to decide the issue "held that the President did have inherent authority to conduct warrantless searches to obtain foreign intelligence information." Further, In re Sealed Case stated, "We take for granted that the President does have that authority and, assuming that is so, FISA could not encroach on the President's constitutional power." This is a basic point of constitutional law: If a power is derived from the Constitution itself, that power cannot be abridged by statute."
The liberal outrage decrying the supposed outing of "Covert Agent" Velerie Plame by administration officials, even if true, would be nothing next to this blatant sell-out of our National Security. How can there be such an uproar when the President has taken these measures to do his job? David Limbaugh in a Washington Times article, entitled Subordinating the truth, makes several suggestions to the MSM on what they should be investigating, to include:
"How Democratic Senators can complain about the government's failure to connect the dots concerning the terrorists' September 11, 2001, plot and yet take action that will virtually guarantee our inability to connect future dots."
How are we to wage the War on Terror without using our resources? We are slowly tying our hands in every facet of this fight - from regulating and publicizing our interrogation methods to curbing our own ability to use force - in this wacky, bizzaro-world of protecting the guilty and imperiling the innocent, there is a very real possibility that our nation will meet its ultimate doom by such madness (try to imagine 9-11 times TEN).

And the New York Times, no doubt, hopes to be there at the end to get the scoop on its own handiwork.

Monday, December 26, 2005

"The Grinch is a Liberal, Christmas-Stealing DUMBASS!"

Click to enlarge Dumbass!
Look who just made Chazz's DUMBASS Of The Week! Is it just the Grinch, or does he perhaps represent something more? After all, like many uber-PC-cite-the-constitution-when-it-agrees-with-me Liberals of modern times, ol' Grinch was pretty confused and angry - pretty much all the time and for no good reason. THAT SCREAMS LIBERAL TO ME!!!

Anyhow, my hat tips again to Chazz for giving me a good holiday chuckle with yet another gem of a rant. Check out his article (the title of which I shamelessly plagiarized here!) entitled The Grinch is a Liberal, Christmas-Stealing DUMBASS!

((And don't forget to vote on Chazz's survey for DUMBASS Of The YEAR - 2005!!!))

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Understanding Christmas and What We Celebrate

NOPE! This is NOT Jesus...but jolly ol' SAINT NICK!?
As I am involved with the usual "Christmas Cheer" with my little family this weekend, I will not be posting another article until next week. HOWEVER, my friend Amy Proctor has two great articles regarding Christmas that I think everyone will want to read:

Christmas is Better than a Season's Greeting~ Discusses the War on Christmas, the History of Christmas in the United States, and other "holidays" being celebrated concurrently. (She even includes that fake "African" celebration - that no one in Africa has ever heard of).

Saint Nicholas~ Amy sheds some light on this very real person from 4th century Byzantium, who inspired Santa Claus, Kris Kringle and even the Christmas color RED.
For additional and biographical information on Saint Nicholas, check out this article in Wikipedia. Another great read!

Merry Christmas to all of you and yours!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Saddam has been TORTURED by The Americans!

"Why they gotta PICK ON ME! (sob)"
The benevolent and peaceful former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, has been tortured by the cruel and bloodthirsty Americans while being held in illegal captivity. This brave and misunderstood leader of the truly Free Iraq - who agreeably destroyed his weapons of mass destruction upon request and who had been respectful and generous to his beloved people, neighbors, and even United Nations Inspectors during his long stewardship - has now been brutalized at the hands of the ruthless and evil American Empire who savagely plucked him from his "happy place" in the ground.

"Yes, we were beaten by the Americans. And we were tortured - every one of us. This one," gesturing to one of the defendants behind him, "they hit him on the back with the rifles, until he fell." Then, referring to his half-brother, "Barzan, he fell. Both of his feet are showing that (injury from torture)."
Saddam's bold confession of having suffered such humiliation came on the heels of listening to witness testimony detailing supposed torture and killing allegedly orderd by Saddam that followed a 1982 attempt on his life.

Of course, those nasty conservative bloggers and talk radio hosts will undoubtedly try to call this another courtroom drama tactic by Saddam, in an attempt to draw attention away from his crimes and play to the Sunni sympathizers in Iraqi TV Land. POPPYCOCK!

The caged but proud Assyrian Desert Lion abides no foolishnes - even at his own trial!

"Not because I'm afraid of anyone other than God. Any harm that fell on those persons is wrong and those who did it should take their punishment. But that happened in a third-world country, as America calls us, 25 years ago. What's happening now? Has anyone not been beaten, including beating marks, until this day?" he asked, alluding to the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, whether under the charge of US soldiers or Iraqis.
Obviously, this innocent and pious man has been framed, as surely as the Jews were contracted by the Americans to fly planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon back in 2001. The plots of the Devil Bush know no bounds, as with his evil tampering with the weather to create the Tsunami and Hurricanes to kill non-white people (or those who might not like him or vote for him).


Sunday, December 18, 2005

New York Times Sells Out the United States ~ Again

NYT - al Jazeera's Sister News Agency
So imagine for one second that you are running a Major U.S. Newspaper. You come into possession of highly classified (leaked) information proving electronic eavesdropping against international al Qaeda communications with those within our borders.

After confronting the White House with this information, they convince you that it is legal and ask that you not run the story as it would compromise the intelligence, aid the enemy and possibly cause harm to your fellow citizens. You agree to not run the story.

So far so good, right? Well, if you are the liberal bastion called New York Times, what you do is to hold onto such a story until the timing is juuuuuuuuuuust right. Say, a full YEAR later, when no less than three things are happening simultaneously that may be influenced by your "scoop":
  1. The Iraqi parliamentary election is a resounding success, boosting Support for President Bush and the War in Iraq (with whom your paper has a real beef)

  2. The Patriot Act, controversial for its perceived assault on civil liberties, is up for renewal (and after all, it's a Bush idea - which you simply cannot abide)

  3. Your star reporter on this story (James Risen) also happens to be releasing a Left-leaning book entitled "State of WAR: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration"

Hmmmmm!? Well, suddenly three things happen: The headlines shifted AWAY from the huge success in Iraq, the Patriot Act renewal is filibustered (many senators citing this "controversy" as the reason), and Mr. Risen's book should sell very nicely now.

If that doesn't convince you of funny business afoot, even the Washington Post (that other Major Liberal U.S. Rag) took issue with this sudden release and the upcoming book:

"The paper (NYT) offered no explanation to its readers about what had changed in the past year to warrant publication. It also did not disclose that the information is included in a forthcoming book, "State of War: The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration," written by James Risen, the lead reporter on yesterday's story. The book will be published in mid-January, according to its publisher, Simon & Schuster."
As expected, most Americans don't understand the issue and the "sudden allegation" has resonated amongst many of the blissfully ignorant masses (through the liberally arrogant media). They don't know that, for instance, this intelligence practice does NOT affect American citizens who do not converse over the phone with al-Qaeda operatives overseas. Domestic calls are not in question. And the oversite applied to this, from the NSA to the Congress, is extraordinary.

On Saturday, President Bush admitted to having authorized these actions and was understandably upset:
"Yesterday the existence of this secret program was revealed in media reports, after being improperly provided to news organizations. As a result (of this story being released), our enemies have learned information they should not have," Bush said in his weekly radio address. "The unauthorized disclosure of this effort damages our national security and puts our citizens at risk."
Here is a reality check for all of you lovers of irony:

  • Wasn't it the NYT (and other liberal media) who cried foul over the "outing of covert CIA operative" Valerie Plame? Where is their outrage over this leak? The Able Danger cover-up?

  • Following the 9-11 Commission Report, wasn't it the NYT (and other liberal media) who accused President Bush of not doing enough to protect us? And now they are ANGRY because he is protecting us TOO MUCH!?
As the President said in his radio address, and again today during his candid press conference, his job is to protect us to his best ability and within the bounds of law. It would seem to me that he is doing just that.

The job of the New York Times, and other newspapers, is supposed to be bringing new information to the masses - hence the word NEWS. And there is nothing new about this year old story being used as a political grenade - that may in fact ultimately harm those who pay to read it.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Iraq Election ~ an Overwhelming Success

As predicted, today's election in Iraq was phenomenal by all accounts. Although not yet tallied, it is estimated that this election will be quite easily the highest turnout in the short history of democratic Iraq. Violence was exceptionally low, thanks to many factors - including massive IRAQI security forces on the ground, coalition forces in the air and on the periphery, and promotional campaigns from all major groups in Iraq - most notably the Sunnis.

And noted by some of the American troops and civilian Iraqis today - children everywhere playing soccer and people merrily strolling the streets with their purpled fingers feeling safe, happy and optimistic - a rare thing in the lives of Iraqis over the last 30 years.

From Omar at Iraq the Model: "From what we saw, people feel safer walking to the voting centers this time; many of them were carrying Iraqi flags. There are no cars moving on the streets except for those of the police and army and of course there are children, lots of them playing soccer on the empty streets."

While there is still much to do and challenges ahead, for all involved, today was Iraq's day and we should be very happy for them and their future in the free world.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Reminder for TOMORROW!

"Thank you, America!"Thursday is Purple Finger Day

Fellow Patriots: Just a reminder to those interested in doing a a very quick and simple little thing tomorrow - a personal yet powerful statement for this historic election in Iraq. Show your support for the Iraqis, as well as our own troops who have sacrificed so much to make this happen. Celebrate Purple Finger Day! (I will be taking a purple "Sharpie" to work with me tomorrow - my colleagues should beware!).

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rep. Jack Murtha DOES NOT Speak for Our Military

Murtha "Dressed Down" by Army Colonel and Attorney

This came to me from a good friend and former Marine. It has been making the rounds amongst many of his Army and Marine comrades. It is the copy of a FAX sent from Colonel C.J. Stark to Representative Jack Murtha in response to his recent, and inexplicable, actions and statements against our efforts in Iraq. While eloquent and knowledgable, LTC Stark is passionate and pulls no punches about his feelings toward one of the Pentagon's oldest (former) benefactors.

While I have not gone as far as Stark in my comments regarding Mr. Murtha, this should give you an idea of how unpopular (and unsupported) he has become with many, if not most, of our Armed Forces. POWERFUL STUFF - see below the "tear line."

"Pelosi wants me to say WHAT???"--------------------------------------------------

Representative John Murtha
P.O. Box 780
Johnstown, PA 15907

Representative Murtha:

During the dark days of the American Revolution the Commanding General, George Washington seemed unable to win any victories. There were wholesale desertions, troops were starving, the fledgling government was sporadic with money, food and ammunition in short supply. Out of this darkness emerged a genuine American Hero. This officer brilliantly led his troops in combat and though seriously, and almost mortally wounded, won victory after victory for the desperate and beleaguered American Continental Army.

After helping to turn the tide of war in the favor of the Americans, this officer's fame grew as did his prestige, but his prowess on the battlefield, his courage under fire and indeed all of his life, is forgotten because of one act. His name is now synonymous with "traitor" in the dictionary. General Benedict Arnold, like you, had a brilliant military career of courage, honor, and sacrifice. Like you, in my opinion, he was a traitor to his country and to his oath as an American soldier. It is indeed fitting that you are member of the same political party as another traitor and seditionist, former Lieutenant John Kerry USN, who betrayed his country, not only on the very floor of the House of Representatives that you now serve, but also, secretly, in the presence of our enemies in Paris, France.

Unlike you, he is a self proclaimed warrior and you earned your decorations, but the pair of you forgot one important thing. The United States of America and indeed the world are at war. We are at war with an implacable enemy. An enemy of racist, bigoted fanatics whose sole goal in life is to destroy the people of the United States of America, their culture and their religion. More American civilians have died on U.S. soil in this war than died in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, and Dessert Storm put together.

We are at war, Representative Murtha, and your actions and conduct give aid and comfort to our enemies. Just in case you have forgotten the definition of treason and sedition, I have attached Webster's definition as Tabs A and B to this letter.
A wise man once said, "There are no former Marines, only dead Marines." He was wrong. You are not a Marine. You have lost the right to use that title. You have dishonored all of those who have fought and died up to the day you stood on the floor of the House of Representatives and demanded that we withdraw immediately. You lied to the press, when you said you did not make that statement. I watched you make that statement. Albeit your Bill, submitted, which I have also read, added a caveat, "as soon as practicable." That is pure horseshit and you know it. Yes, Representative Murtha, you have given aid and comfort to our enemies in a time of war. You have given them hope, which they have fast been losing, due to all of the victories and sacrifice by our sons and daughters on the field of battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. You have been honored by our enemies on the front page of Al Jazeera.

No, Representative Murtha, you are no longer a Marine. Your soul is dead. Your honor is dead, and without a soul or honor, you are nothing.

Be advised, my son is a Marine Officer. He has commanded men in battle through two (2) tours and he is due to return to Iraq on a third tour. If he should be harmed in any way as a result of your actions on the floor of the House this week, I will do everything in my power to see to it that you are driven from office and that you are charged and tried for treason and sedition.

The Marine Officer whose message was read on the House Floor by fellow member of Congress, Jean Schmidt, was right. You are a coward. Marines do not cut and run.

Fortunately, your obesity prevents you from wearing your Marine Uniform with even a semblance of pride, but I know your face. If I am in a room when you arrive, you will not enter. If you are in a room, when I arrive, you will leave. It is as simple as that.


LTC Christopher J. Stark IN USAR

Compelling stuff - especially when one considers that this War has now turned a crucial corner. It appears that while insurgent attacks are down by roughly 50%, interest in the political process (especially among Sunnis) and anti-Zarqawi sentiment has skyrocketed within Iraq. Clerics of all stripes have warned the insurgents to allow this election to transpire peacefully. Within the U.S. Army itself, formerly lackluster enlistment goals have now been exceeded for the last two months and are increasing. And perhaps the most telling - CNN, of all the Liberal Main Stream Media peddlers, has even recognized that now, there is indeed a turning point and this is now WINNABLE and moving in the right direction.

And yet, with the writing of success written plainly on the wall, Congressman Murtha and his Liberal colleagues in both houses continue to promote a policy of defeat.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tookie Williams ~ Living the Terror He Wrought on His Victims

"Hey! Check out these arms, or I'll KILL YOU!"
Stanley "Tookie" Williams is probably living a nightmare right about now - as it has just been announced that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided NOT to make a decision on whether to stay the execution...not today, anyway. In fact, since Stanley is scheduled to meet his maker early on Tuesday morning, he may not know of his demise or salvation until just hours beforehand. He is now in a well-deserved living hell.

Everyone knows the story, so I won't rehash the entire media and celebrity circus; for that, read this article. I will not get into details of his challenge to the 1981 conviction; for that read this article.

These days, it apparently isn't very en vogue to think about the victims of brutal crime. Better to show sympathy for murderous animals that soak up all of the media sympathy - right?

W R O N G !!! Let me introduce you to 26 year-old Albert Owens, who in February of 1979 was shot twice in the back by dear ol' "Tookie", who was robbing the 7-Eleven where Albert worked as a clerk.

"Albert was a young man that was so full of life," his Mother Lora Owens laments. "He had an infectious laugh. His eyes would sparkle. He was just full of energy and he had the concept that if you wanted to do anything, you just had to work for it."
Well, much like the squashing of an insect this young man with big dreams had his life brutally taken from him - and for chump change at that.

Then there was The FAMILY that our hero snuffed out. An entire family - all of whom simply ceased to exist because "Tookie" (kinda' sounds like "Cookie" - a cruel twist) decided to end them.

Death Penalty - Yes or No?

Now I can understand folks being opposed to the death penalty - SO AM I...at least, in it's current practice. To my mind, decades on Death Row with several appeals is truly ridiculous. I say - if you are going to have a death penalty, give the convict ONE chance at appeal and, if unsuccessful, GET ON WITH IT! Don't make us, The TAXPAYER, have to pay millions of our hard-earned dollars for each and every one of these vermin!

Either that, or let us just do away with it completely and make sure to throw away the key on these murderers. Williams has lost his all of his rights, as far as I am concerned - and that includes the right to make us feel sorry for him. Nine Children's books? Fine. It's not like he had much else to do in the slammer (besides working on those freakishly large arms with fellow Crip scumbag inmates).

As for the Governator, I hope he takes his sweet time on this one - whatever his decision.

*** Update Monday Night - 12/12/05: Clemency DENIED ***

((Check out Chazz's Dumbass Of The Week - Tookie made DOTW!!!))

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Democracy, Patriotism and Purple Fingers

If THIS image doesn't move you, nothing can!
When the history of the early 21st century is written, I think it would surprise most of us "Cyber Age" children how the lens of hindsight will focus. No doubt that among the most telling of photographs from this age will be ones like this - brave Iraqis staring death in the face just by casting their ballots, and sporting a purpled index finger to prove it.

Conservative radio personality Bill Bennet suggested that on Iraq's upcoming election day (December 15th), in a show of support for the Iraqi people and our mission there, his listeners should also apply purple to one of their index fingers. This seemingly childish idea is clever in its subtlety. It will be like Ash Wednesday, without the ash (or religion)!

Think about it - this election will be a major success for the Iraqi citizens and those of us who support the democratization of Iraq. One can only guess at the turnout as Baathists, Turkamen, Kurds, Sunnis and Shi'ite followers of Ayatollah Sistani and Muqtada al-Sadr are being encouraged to vote. Men AND WOMEN. I would not be surprised to see as many as 14 Million voters turn out -- that's more than half the population (including kids who are ineligible).

Want more proof? Read the Washington Post article: In Iraq, Signs of Political Evolution

It seems to me that this is especially significant, given the recent antics of Saddam Hussein in court, downright adolescent partisan lunacy from John Kerry, Jack Murtha and Howard Dean (among others), and lukewarm coverage from our increasingly transparent Liberal Media.

It's time for some more good news in Iraq, and we should let our Liberal neighbors, colleagues, friends and family know what it feels like to be on the right side of things. Fellow bloggers PASS THIS ON! December 15th is PURPLE FINGER DAY!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Democrats are "Spinning Victory Down"

Have you wondered why it is that comments made by Sen. Joe Lieberman supporting our troops and efforts in Iraq have been almost completely eclipsed in the Liberal Media by a much earlier statement from decorated former Marine Rep. John Murtha, which was a 180-degree change from his earlier staunch support? Why, you might ask?

Well, the answer lies somewhere between Liberal Media entities hanging unerringly to the left and the fact that WE CANNOT CRITICIZE or disagree with those who have "STREET CRED."

Think of Cindy Whatsername...the Liberals had a clever formula here: Get someone who has sacrificed something and is unimpeachable due to that fact, and let 'em rip into Bush! And don't you DARE say a contrary word about it! That was actually a brilliant strategy, and Cindy got lots of media attention - that is, until she became completely unhinged and sent most liberals running for cover.

Here is my FAVORITE line concerning Jack Murtha - from Mark Steyn of the Washington Times:

"It's almost acceptable in polite society to disagree with Mr. Murtha, but only if you do so after a big 20-minute tongue bath about "what a fine man" he is."
I AM impressed with Murtha's service record and his past positions on Defense issues - for a Democrat especially. But suddenly, the man does an "about-FACE" and we are left shaking our heads - and for good reason! Why, at this critical juncture in our struggle in Iraq, would anyone (especially Murtha, who knows better) call for a "cut and run" by our troops, who are making REAL PROGRESS!?

You owe it to yourself to read Mark Steyn's article - Spinning Victory Down.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Chazz goes after Ramsey Clark for Dumbass Of The Week

"Like to see my autographed Saddam collection?"
Fellow blogger and new friend "Chazz" has added another class-act to his "Rogues' Gallery" which he calls Dumbass Of The Week. This week, the former Attorney General of the Johnson administration has been selected to represent Dumbasses everywhere. And why not? This transparent ambulance-chaser has decided to muscle his way into Saddam's defense team.

This guy is also an American anti-American activist, who takes boondoggles to N. Korea, Iran, Cuba and everywhere else that hates us.

Check out Chazz's article on this real piece of work, and keep your fingers crossed that Clark is not targeted (or that he is?) while cavorting with these thugs.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Janeane Garofalo is STILL an Unhinged Moonbat

"Timmer - You #%@#*! NEOCON #%@#*! Partisan HACK!!!"
After forcing myself to watch the dubious Countdown with Keith Olberman on MSNBC recently, I was struck by how they must struggle to find popular guests once I saw who had been invited on the show. I was then further impressed with how this "celebrity guest," Janeane Garofalo, can work the phrase "Right-Wing Partisan Hack" into every other bitter sentence - especially since that is precisely what this obviously unhinged (and NOT funny) comedienne has become.

Just to observe her rant on and on about Republican Politicians , Ann Coulter (who is physically everything Garofolo is NOT), and the Fox and Friends show (which is everything her current gig is NOT) while never changing that "I have just tasted something REALLY BAD" look on her face, was itself a study in psychotic bitterness and liberal hackery. Not only was this minor celebrity kicked off of SNL in record time for her inability to play nice-nice, but she is also part of the unremarkable and floundering ERR AMERICA, ummm,I mean Air America Liberal talk show with Al Franken (another unfunny comedian).

Check out Michelle Malkin's amusing article on this same comedienne - at least THAT might give you some YUKS!

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Retired Navy and Cold War/Gulf War Veteran. Senior Analyst for a large defense contractor, Bachelor of Science, Father, moonlighting Graphic Designer (T-shirts etc) and Blogger.

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