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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Timmer's Lucid Retrospectives Ending 2005 ~ The War in Iraq

Let's have a SHOW OF HANDS!
Forward: Reality is much better than fiction

Now that another challenging year for our country, and indeed the world, is coming to a close, I think it is appropriate to set the record straight for our Liberal friends in Congress, the Media and Hollywood concerning Iraq. Even some of our more Conservative friends and allies might just want to read these articles - as the MSM is still very good at one thing: Incessant Brainwashing of the masses.

Although these articles don't always paint a rosy picture, my goal is to be more comprehensive in taking off some blinders to what we have accomplished, along with the mistakes and miscalculations that have plagued us.

The Main-Stream Media: Rewriting Reality

An undeniable indicator of this is the utter "shock and awe" that our service men and women feel when they return home to find the media IGNORING the real news in Iraq while painting a dark, one-sided and embellished picture of alleged failure and hopelessness.

Here are two letters from returning soldiers, each with their own unique take on this outrageous disconnect between the media and what happens on the ground in Iraq:
For myself, I meet returning military personnel every week - and without provocation from me the story is almost always the same - our accomplishments in Iraq have been largely ignored, while the bad news is sensationalized. This to the utter shame of American, and some international, media.

Judging the case for war

Much political hay has been made by the Left concerning our involvement with Iraq. In an article from the Chicago Tribune, entitled Judging the case for war, Bruce Dold makes a fair and balanced case on why, despite flawed intelligence and some blunders, waging this war was the right thing to do.

The strongest case for war lies in its predicted success. This was born out by some non-military visitors to Iraq, who have seen the progress and the media discrepancies here at home. Senator Joe Lieberman, with whom I otherwise often disagree, was one such figure. Give a revisit to my article from November, entitled Joe Lieberman says "Our Troops Must Stay!"

12 Iraqi War Myths

A result of the Main-Stream Media campaign against the War in Iraq has been the perpetuation, and exaggeration, of lies about what has happened. In a very well written piece posted over at The Religion of Peace, entitled 12 Iraqi War Myths, the following (popular anti-war) "myths" are thouroughly debunked:
  • Americans have killed 100,000 Iraqi Civilians

  • Insurgents only want an end to the “Occupation”

  • Fighting Terrorism Simply Creates More Terrorists

  • The War was About Oil

  • The War is based on a lie. Bush Lied about WMD’s

  • The Insurgents are Freedom Fighters, in the Spirit of 1776

  • 500,000 Iraqi Children Perished because of American-supported UN Sanctions

  • Iraq is a Winner for U.S. Democrats

  • “They” are Insurgents, not Terrorists

  • Anti-War Activists are truly Motivated by the Human Cost of War

  • Iraq is a Disaster

  • America is Waging a Crusade against Islam
Speaking of myths, I would also add to this that, despite talk of ruinous shambles, the Iraqi Economy is showing HUGE progress:
  • Employment rates have improved to the level of some industrialized European countries

  • They have their own independent Stock Exchange

  • 30% higher average income levels since Saddam

  • The Iraqi Dinar has been MORE STABLE than the U.S. Dollar for over a year now!
Conclusion ~ A bright future for Iraq and the Middle East

Despite a ferocious insurgency, weak or politically motivated Congressmen and a body of media organizations seemingly bent on the failure of this Global War on Terror, great things have yet been achieved with our heroic military and the brave people in Iraq. And yes, a resolute and strong-willed couple of leaders named George Bush and Tony Blair.

To quote myself from an earlier piece: "When the history of the early 21st century is written, I think it would surprise most of us "Cyber Age" children how the lens of hindsight will focus... brave Iraqis staring death in the face just by casting their ballots, and sporting a purpled index finger to prove it."

Some Other GOOD NEWS pieces regarding the Middle East from yours truly in 2005:
There will be more challenges to come that are unforeseen - of that, at least, we can be certain. But there is no reason to doubt that 2006 will be a Great New Year - for our own Beloved Nation, Friends and Allies who have stuck by us, and the long-struggling peoples of the Middle East, who have all now smelled or tasted the sweet fruit of Freedom. I predict that the world will never be the same again.


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