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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Saddam has been TORTURED by The Americans!

"Why they gotta PICK ON ME! (sob)"
The benevolent and peaceful former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, has been tortured by the cruel and bloodthirsty Americans while being held in illegal captivity. This brave and misunderstood leader of the truly Free Iraq - who agreeably destroyed his weapons of mass destruction upon request and who had been respectful and generous to his beloved people, neighbors, and even United Nations Inspectors during his long stewardship - has now been brutalized at the hands of the ruthless and evil American Empire who savagely plucked him from his "happy place" in the ground.

"Yes, we were beaten by the Americans. And we were tortured - every one of us. This one," gesturing to one of the defendants behind him, "they hit him on the back with the rifles, until he fell." Then, referring to his half-brother, "Barzan, he fell. Both of his feet are showing that (injury from torture)."
Saddam's bold confession of having suffered such humiliation came on the heels of listening to witness testimony detailing supposed torture and killing allegedly orderd by Saddam that followed a 1982 attempt on his life.

Of course, those nasty conservative bloggers and talk radio hosts will undoubtedly try to call this another courtroom drama tactic by Saddam, in an attempt to draw attention away from his crimes and play to the Sunni sympathizers in Iraqi TV Land. POPPYCOCK!

The caged but proud Assyrian Desert Lion abides no foolishnes - even at his own trial!

"Not because I'm afraid of anyone other than God. Any harm that fell on those persons is wrong and those who did it should take their punishment. But that happened in a third-world country, as America calls us, 25 years ago. What's happening now? Has anyone not been beaten, including beating marks, until this day?" he asked, alluding to the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, whether under the charge of US soldiers or Iraqis.
Obviously, this innocent and pious man has been framed, as surely as the Jews were contracted by the Americans to fly planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon back in 2001. The plots of the Devil Bush know no bounds, as with his evil tampering with the weather to create the Tsunami and Hurricanes to kill non-white people (or those who might not like him or vote for him).



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