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Monday, February 13, 2006

Saddam FORCED to Attend His Own Mass-Murder Trial

"Judge? You are Sissy Kurdish Lizard Piss!"This is an OUTRAGE!

In yet another insult to civil liberties, justice, and plain old right-and-wrong, Saddam Hussein (and his fellow victims of the American puppet-government) continued his brave protest of the Iraqi "Kangaroo Court" today by stoically shouting down the (ethnically inferior) Kurdish judge, Abdel-Rahman.

This is on the heels of endless badgering to be in court for a few trumped up charges fabricated by the Americans, and unheeded cries of SADDAM'S TORTURE in December of last year!

As the Islamic Hero Saddam was brutally ushered into the courtroom, wearing a traditioal Arab robe and clutching his beloved Qur'an, he defiantly proclaimed "Down with agents, down with Bush, long live the Ummah (Motherland)!"
Then a bit later, unable to contain his indignation at this travesty of justice, Holy-Man Saddam cried out "This is not a court, this is a game. I was forced into the courtroom. Why have you brought us with force? Your authority gives you the right to try a defendant in absentia. Are you trying to overcome your own smallness?"
The Evil Dog Judge Abdel-Rahman bitterly replied "The law states that if the defendants refuse to appear before the court, he will be forced to appear before court, we are implementing the law."
Saddam The Saintly did not stand for the pesky accusations of torture, murder and genocide! Instead, he righteously shouted in manly defiance "Saddam the criminal? Not criminal, you agent. You sissy! You would not have said that before, sissies like you!"
Obviously faking his annoyance, the Camel-Piss-Rat-Judge tried to cut off Gentle and Misunderstood Saddam. "I've given you enough chances," he said. Allah's Messenger Saddam shouted back: "God damn your moustaches" Slamming the Kurdish Dung-Heap Judge's very manhood!
As the Great Protector of Victimized Dictators Ramsey Clark left work for the day, he walked out into the Iraqi sunset (with his body-guards) and, glancing back at the courthouse, couldn't help but chuckle to himself.


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