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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mocking Mohammed ~ Muslims Finally Unite Against Something

Which of these images is JUST FINE WITH MUSLIMS?
So THIS is what it takes???

After several newspapers in Europe have recently published 12 cartoons depicting Muhammed, the Ire of Islam has finally been raised. One of the drawings shows Muhammed's turban as a bomb with a lit fuse. In another he turns suicide bombers away from heaven because "We have run out of virgins". (LOL!)

Responding to a call for an International "Day of Anger", Muslim worshippers on Friday quickly morphed into protesters throughout Europe and the Middle East, demanding apologies from newspaper editors and the governments of a half dozen European countries that have refused to block the publication of the images.

Widely condemned by cowardly government officials across the globe for exercising their freedoms of the press and expression (which is NOT enjoyed throughout most Islamic nations), these European newspapers, embassies of their governments and even commercial goods and tourists are now being targeted throughout the Middle East.

"We must tell Europeans, we can live without you. But you cannot live without us," said Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, a leading imam in Qatar, in an obvious reference to Middle Eastern Oil Dependency. "We can buy from China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia... We will not be humiliated."
Of course, Islamic Terrorist organizations are quite vocal about this as well.

Wanna' know what I find offensive???

The carnage unleashed upon the world in recent years - all in the name of Islam. Images of flag and effigy burnings, sawed-off heads, planes crashing into the WTC and Pentagon. Then there is the brutality unleashed upon innocents in Britain, Spain, Bali, Kenya, Israel, Saudi Arabia - among many, many other little newsreels that run through my head.

SO, it took a CARTOON!? Forget the fact that thousands of their own people, most of which are women and children, are dying at the hands of Islamic Terror every year. Forget the constant and violent insults to THE WORLD by Radical Islam.

Imagine if All Muslims directed this kind of righteous anger against Their Terrorists? This world would become safe in a week. But no. The Religion of Peace is too busy chasing cartoons, playing the victim....while literally burning our world.

And Allah help them if the World runs out of patience, sympathy and excuses for these impetuous people. Our little "Coalition of the Willing" will change into something much, much bigger - and little cartoons will be the least of Islam's problems.

Mudville Gazette
Michelle Malkin


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