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Monday, January 16, 2006

Martin Luther King Jr. Had a Dream - Why The Nightmare?

On April 4th 1968, Doctor Martin Luther King Junior, the interpretor and messenger of the Dream of Black Americans, was snuffed out by an assassin's bullet - leaving the future of Civil Rights and Black Americans in the hands of lesser men - who's stewardship has become increasingly hostile to our own country.

A young, bungling understudy of Doctor King's was Jessy Jackson. As stated in Wikipedia:

"When King and his allies returned to the South, they left Jesse Jackson, then a young Chicago activist, in charge of their organization. While Jackson had a great deal of heart and oratorical skill, he knew very little about running an organization. They asked him for financial information, and he sent them a bag of unorganized receipts. Chicago could be seen as a point where the civil rights movement lost its momentum and began to fade to a shadow of what King had planned for it."
Jackson has hardly improved with age, lately spotted courting Hugo Chavez and Cindy Sheehan for the Liberal Lime-Light.

Another pretender to the thrown, the dubious little fat man known as Al Sharpton - like Jackson, he is also called "Reverend" (although it's hard to imagine why, at this point). Cutting his teeth as a boy preacher, then a tour manager for James Brown (still has the wonky hairstyle), Sharpton is currently in a running competition with Jesse Jackson for "who can be the most outlandish liberal black man in America."

(See Sharpton and Jackson Vie for Liberal Attention)

Luis Farrakhan is a confused man at best. Known for his hatred of Jews, and caustic militant style, he is yet another leader that Black Americans can be ashamed of. Not only does he visit with aliens, but he has accused President Bush of orchestrating the New Orleans disaster (Katrina) by blowing up the levees to kill those in the black parts of town.

(See Farrakhan: Levees 'May have been Blown Up')

Who can follow in the footsteps of so great a man as MLK? The black community is in utter disarray under the leadership of these three racist morons. Who will emerge that is worthy of their trust? Barak Obama would be an improvement, if only for his ability to charm and articulate to all listeners. And what about Republicans? Why is it that the Colin Powells and Condi Rices of the world are not at the forefront of the American Civil Rights movement? Because, THEY ARE REPUBLICANS - and therefore (apparently) to be scorned.

This day, we salute YOU, Doctor King! Your strength, decency, selflessness and honor are all missed - and sadly lacking today in Black Leadership. Sorry for the sad news, but you were a giant, and perhaps the last of your kind.


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