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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Year Musings

As is my custom, I came down to my office tonight after the rest of my little family were sound asleep - thinking I would do me some bloggin.' But after a day like this one, I can't think of a single thing to write about -- there are simply too many to choose from, and I don't do more than one article at a time - personal rule. So, since I can't decide, some scattered musings are in order!

2006 is off and running full speed - and the dumbocrats and moonbats have wasted no time in letting go of that residual holiday cheer and getting down to brass knuckles, er, tacks.

Alito Confirmation: Watching the Senate Judiciary Committee go to work on Samuel Alito was better than any other daytime television. Ted Kennedy and his insufferably smug minions with their sophomoric criticisms, half-baked conclusions and barely-concealed insults were truly comical to behold. Yet their audacity to demand from Judge Alito that which is NOT required nor professionally prudent from a supreme court nominee - that he address issues that he will likely have to rule on in the Supreme Court - is utterly laughable. The rules have NOT changed since Ruth Bader Ginsberg sat in that same hot seat, and refused to answer that line of questining. I hope he laughs in their faces, since a Filibuster is imminent no matter what he says or does.

Tom Delay Dilemma: Under a shaky state indictment from a rogue prosecutor named Ronnie Earle (Ken Starr gots NUTTIN on this cat!), Tom Delay made his abdication of House Majority Leadership permanent so that the Republican agenda in the House would not be harmed by the circus surrounding him. Of course, this is seen by the MINORITY party as a sign of defeat and an admission of guilt - mostly because they are blinded by power envy and seem to have forgotten that INNOCENT until proven GUILTY thing.

Belefonte Loves Chavez: While visiting his buddy Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, Harry Belefonte, another FORMER celebrity who no one remembers (save for his moonbat activism) has finally shown that he has slipped into dotage. During his trip with fellow moonbat Danny Glover, he stated to Venezuelan Television: "No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world, George W. Bush says, we're here to tell you: Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of the American people ... support your revolution." Considering the fact that most Americans don't even know who Chavez is (same can be said about Belefonte), methinks Old Harry has lost most of his small collection of marbles.

Reid LOVES Abramoff('s money): A memo issued Friday by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid to other minority senators indicates that Dumbocrats plan to take an offensive position regarding Jack Abramoff, a powerful lobbyist who is now entangled with several members of Congress in a bribery scandal that threatens to transform Washington. Reid, who has refused to return his own 61,000 in Abromoff money, is trying desperately to tie Republicans to the alleged "culture of corruption."
I'm ready for another long weekend, and GUESS WHAT! It just so happens that it will be! Cheers, Doctor King!


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