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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Jane Fonda - Actress, Feminist, Author and Traitor

I came across C-SPAN a few hours ago, and there was a National Press Club event, at which Jane Fonda was the "guest of honor" addressing the success of her new book, entitled My Life So Far. She gave a speech, launching into the usual I-know-better-than-YOU nonsense in her trademark scattered, elitist and pseudo-intellectual fashion. The only difference this time - she has developed into a cantankerous old lady, equipped with an old lady's stubborn certainty that defies logic or factual backing.

Of course, there is a wealth of spouted nonsense to criticize, but I will pick and choose some points. But before I do, let me just admit that I couldn't help fantasizing about a table of veterans (myself included) in front of the podium, at a poignant moment (perhaps following another G.I. Jane-ism on Vietnam or Iraq) suddenly standing up and pelting this self-righteous "lady" with dozens of eggs. My Vietnam Vet buddies and millions of others (upon reading the news) would really have appreciated that.

Here are some highlights (low-lights?) of Jane on the microphone, and my comments in red:

  • (On why we stayed in Vietnam and Iraq): Calling it "Gender Politics," she laments that "Men (leaders) are afraid of looking weak....afraid of 'premature evacuation'" Could this be why she had so many problems with her wonderful PATRIOTIC father, Henry Fonda?

  • (On losing the VN war): "(The argument that) we lost the war in Vietnam because of the Liberal Movement is a LIE!" A mass of Vietnamese documentation has emerged in the last few years indicating that the North Vietnamese would have surrendered had it not been for the American anti-war movement and liberal media. Hanoi held out, and we collapsed. Jane doesn't mention this.

  • (On her "apology"): "I have apologized for one thing - I sat on an anti-aircraft gun and was photographed." Aren't you forgetting about how your other imagery and sound-bites were used against prisoners, Jane? You were paraded around like a mindless bimbo (truth hurts?) and were used to inflict massive pain and suffering on brave hearts, minds and bodies so unlike your own.

  • (On Female Empowerment): "Women just need to speak out...needing a relationship (with a man) means you need validation...yes, we need a woman President this time" I don't necessarily disagree with the last comment, but women enjoy HUGE advantages in America over men in some areas - namely, child custody and subsequent support claims. There are advantages on BOTH sides, and nowhere in the world do women excel better than here in the U.S.

  • (On the "Swift Vets" ads against John Kerry): "Any campaign based on lies, as the Swift Boat campaign against Kerry was, is despicable. Despicable (repeated this word several times)". I would venture to guess that there is no organization in the world that has more reason to hate Jane Fonda than the Swiftboats/POWs For Truth - I suppose it's natural for Jane to hate them. She had better pray that they don't turn their attention to her...I wouldn't run for any office, girlfriend!
  • (On President Bush and what she might say to him): "I would like to be at a barbeque with him, sit down in a corner and just talk. I want to know what he reads. Why doesn't he read more?" Jane, you are talking about a man who is briefed on international events and domestic matters several times DAILY, reads sheaves of intelligence reports each morning, afternoon and night. He works almost every waking hour - regardless of his physical location. He has a Masters Degree, has remained married to (and in love with) the same woman for decades, and is liked and supported by most Americans and an overwhelming number of Active Military and Veterans. To say that you pale in comparison with our Commander-in-Chief is like saying your mentor Gloria Steinam is a little psychotic.
  • (On today's young girls striving for impossible perfection): "Young girls feel that they need to be perfect to be loved...we send a wrong message....images in magazines are digitally enhanced." Wait a minute Jane, weren't YOU one of the self-made sex-objects of the late 60's? Didn't you make MILLIONS with your workout videos feeding off of this national psychosis - telling young women that they CAN AND SHOULD look better?
Here's my take on HER LIFE SO FAR: Jane Fonda was a spoiled, silver-spooned Hollywood child of the 50's; a rebellious sex-kitten drugged-out slut in the 60's; a counter-cultural political activist and Traitor of the early 70's who cared little for anything other than getting noticed; a forgettable (at best) actress through the late 70's and 80's who always sought attention and approval from a Patriotic and talented father (who himself had enlisted in WWII, his celebrity notwithstanding). A greedy entrepreneur who used her fame to sell exercise videos to a country that had entered an era of impossible physical ideals and burgeoning eating disorders among women.

Now, in the third millennium, Jane is a product of her past. She is still rich, spoiled, mouthy, hypocritical, self-important, pathetic and suddenly VERY old.

Jane Fonda is very fond of touting the empowerment of women, and yet she has failed in several decades of patchy activism to achieve what her nemesis George Bush has done in a short four years - the freedom of TENS OF MILLIONS of women to vote, attend school and enjoy expanded legal and religious rights they never had.

All I needed to know about who to NOT vote for in the last election was the profile of those standing behind the respective candidates. Jane Fonda stood with the likes of Ted Kennedy (murderer and alcoholic lunatic), Michael Moore (disingenuous and ruthless propagandist multimillionaire), George Soros (foreign billionaire who invests against American currency) and other miscreants behind the candidate (and fellow Traitor who aided the enemy) - John Kerry.

To sum up this waste of fame and air-time, who has hurt so many people (and probably still doesn't know it) - when asked about her news sources Jane Fonda gave three - can you guess which ones? "CNN, New York Times and NPR." NOW who needs to read more, Jane? The final irony is that her silly little self-serving book, which she proudly claims is outselling The De Vinci Code, is listed under "Non-Fiction."


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