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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

President Bush ~ Your Commander-in-Chief Tonight

Regardless of what you might think of President Bush, his was a great speech tonight. Hardly new material (as liberal knobheads are VERY quick to point out), but points that needed to be reiterated nonetheless.

These are the messages I got out of this confident and resolute speech regarding the war:

  • 9-11 and other terrorist acts against us must now be confronted
  • As Iraqis stand up, we will stand down
  • This no longer a war on Iraq, but a War on Terror - Iraq is now the front
  • GREAT things have been accomplished - regardless of setbacks and oversights (Mistakes are made in every war." ~ John McCain)
  • Artificial timetables would send the wrong signal to Iraqis, our Troops, and the Enemy
  • Our citizens need to persevere and remember why we are doing this

I anticipate that we will hear more of the usual liberal nay-saying (turned up) for the next few days, busting on the President for saying "9-11 too many times" (five in my count), and how he "lied about WMDs," "planned the invasion since 1999," Saddam wasn't involved in 9-11, blah blah. Fact is, this is a war ON TERROR - Iraq is now basically where we are meeting the bad guys after school. Nice that we could remove an evil dictator in the process, who was a proven benefactor to terrorists (see "Bush Doctrine").

As a veteran myself, I especially appreciated his attention to the sacrifices and high-calling of our military and military families. These are the true heroes.

The excellent website mentioned by the President can be reached by clicking here:
America Supports You - Our Military Men and Women

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Burn The Flag - But Plan The Getaway

Another movement to make burning the American Flag a crime is upon us. A constitutional amendment to ban desecration of the Stars and Stripes has been approved for the seventh time in the House since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the federal Flag Protection Act unconstitutional in 1990. Passed by all 50 states, this bill has a bad track record in the Senate - having been stalled and finally extinguished in legislation four times. Apparently, this might be Year of The Flag.

"The Congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States," states the amendment. Naturally, the ACLU (Anti-Conservative Lobbyist Union) is strongly opposed to such an amendment.

Although the Bolton thing is still taking up valuable time (so much for Reid's "no filibuster" promise), Social Security and a possible Supreme Court Chief Justice nomination are probably at the top of the agenda, this amendment is just within a few votes (judging by statements made by Senators) and might actually become law.

I feel somewhat ambivalent about the constitutionality of such an amendment, yet I believe strongly that the Flag represents the sacrifices of millions, in and out of uniform, who have made this great nation what it is today. We should not pray to it, but respect and cherish it.

Although I am not completely convinced that those who choose to publicly burn or disgrace the American Flag haven't the constitutional right to do so, I also have my constitutional rights: That is, the right to a phone call, attorney and fair trial after having beaten the stuffing out of anyone who dares to protest in this manner while in my presence.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Senate Minority Whip - What a Dick (Durbin)

So, what has become yet another liberal mouthpiece (Time Magazine) publishes a classified log of interrogations. These outlined the determined effort to get vital intelligence from the 20th would-be 9-11 hijacker, Mohammed al-Khatani, by using such gestapo-like methods as extended isolation, sleep deprivation and being awakened in the middle of the night for questioning. Oh yeah, Christina Aguilara music.

Add to that 3-square proper islamic meals, a Qur'an (Koran) and all necessary time and gear for prayer. This man, who aspired to assist in the murder of over 3,000 innocent people, has turned extremely useful intelligence while being exposed to such "inhumane" tactics.

Cut to DICK Durbin. The second most powerful and influential voice in the minority party of the Senate - hence a huge national figure and legislator. This Senator from the great state of Illinois took it upon himself last Tuesday to react to this news by comparing Guantanamo Bay to Nazi Concentration Camps and Soviet Gulags (among other things).

"If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime -- Pol Pot or others -- that had no concern for human beings."

Okay, so here's a scorecard of murders for all four of these terrible places:

  • Soviet Gulags: 15 - 30 Million
  • Nazi Death-Camps: 6 Million
  • Khmer Rouge Pol Pot: 2 Million
  • U.S. Guantanamo Bay: ZERO
Senator Durbin's careless rhetoric even made it to the Arab world, emboldening the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan. His remarks were carried by dozens of salivating newspapers and broadcasts throughout the middle-east, including the terrorists' favorite news source, al-Jazeera. ("U.S. Senator stands by Nazi remark").

In my view, this is nothing short of aiding and abetting the enemy. Senator Durbin, like so many others on his side of the aisle, has joined the ranks of the treacherous. No doubt Howard Dean has called to congratulate him.

I can only hope that the good people of Illinois wake up to this outright slander of their own sons and daughters in uniform.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

An Old Shipmate Disagrees With My Politics

Recently I set off a bit of a cyber firestorm amongst a normally placid and friendly military and veteran crowd when I disagreed with an email from an old Navy shipmate of mine. His was an email that started out innocently enough, but then took an unexpected segue into a seemingly gratuitous swipe at George W. Bush. As my readers know from my charter (above) and many posts, this is the sort of thing that will always elicit a strong response from me.

As I often do (to the chagrin of many), I chose to voice my disagreement in a "Reply to All" email (the recipients of his original email were numerous). This inspired several like-minded folks to agree with me in private responses, whilst the originator and I continued to have an unfortunate one-on-one email war that blossomed into one personal and unexpected tirade (to my utter surprise and disappointment).

In the meantime, one other (liberal-leaning) old Navy shipmate, Joe, jumped into the "Reply to All" fray, and it is to him that I address this.

((Preface: I am very fond of saying that I respect the considered opinions of others, and am especially respectful of the points of view expressed by my fellow veterans, so I will ask my readers to please keep this in mind and if you choose to add your comments - feel free to disagree but be respectful...Joe has definitely earned the right to his opinion.))

Please see the comments for our earlier "discussion" and, Joe, here is your chance to let it go...only this time you might want to check your statistics and relay some actual facts for your arguments.

Cheers Timmer

Monday, June 13, 2005

Howard Dean - A Gift to Republicans

It would seem that the democrats have found themselves another Champion to lose even more support for their party - the indomitable mouth himself - Howard Dean. Just when you thought Ted "The Chappa-Kid" Kennedy, Michael Moore and Ward Churchill were the perfect posterboys for the "Party of NO," along comes Doctor Dean with a bedside manner and bombastic rhetoric that would frighten the stripes off of Freddy Kruger's rugby shirt.

In his latest tour de amok (courtesy of Redstate.org), Howie has painted Republicans as vote suppressors, (mostly) people who don't make honest livings and religious zealots (among other ridiculous charges). What is even MORE frightening is that he has NOT turned off all key democrats...in fact many are still behind him (while privately sh*tting themselves in fear of what he will say or do next).

In an article published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Marsha Mercer writes "Democrats (have) distanced themselves and tried to change the subject by criticizing Republicans for enjoying the moment. Oh, come on."

Douglas Cunningham of the Times Herald-Record writes in his article "Having Howard Dean lead the Democratic Party will do wonders for the Republicans. Not since Hillary Clinton spoke of the "vast right-wing conspiracy" is the material so rich."

I for one am not religious in the slightest, am not a racist and have had to work for everything I own...like a great number of my fellow GOPers.

I would pay MEGABUCKS to get Deaniac's scream on my cellphone!

Keep it up, Dr. Dean...WE LOVE YOU!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Counterpoint to a Democrat Friend

I recently had a somewhat impassioned exchange with an old shipmate of mine, who is often critical of President Bush, the Iraq War and Republicans in general. I thought I would include some of my response to him to perhaps clarify my point of view to some readers. This may surprise some folks...

Dear (Shipmate),

I feel very similar to you on some of these issues - in fact I bear left of your stance on marijuana (I believe it should be legalized, taxed and treated like alcohol), gay priests (I don't really care - perhaps if they were allowed to have partners they'd fucking leave our kids alone!). In fact, I am not religious in the slightest and really can't stand most of the evangelical crap.

When it comes to racism, I am sick and tired of this guilt stuff...I'll be damned if I pay one dime in reparations to a fifth generation, nor do I support so-called "affirmative action." I am more than ready for the fat lady to sing and lets forget the friggin' skin colors once and for all.

I am for integrity and honesty and class...all of which I believe Bush embodies as much as can be expected in a president. He showed a great deal of restraint and personal grace during the election...in contrast to his challengers. And as imperfect as he is, he is for a strong America and does not kow-tow to foreign governments...I was more than ready for a guy lilke that. If you were to read my blog, you would see that I do not always support his choices....our ridiculously unprotected borders being the big one.

History will judge this war, but I think if nothing else it sent a very important message to the world: You can very easily be our friend and ally, but DON'T FUCK WITH US. Regardless of ridiculous punditry and propaganda, we do not conquer and annex, nor do we torture or kill indiscriminately. We stand for good, and in our imperfect way we are most always well-intentioned.

I have thought hard about introducing democracy into a region that is used to living under dictators. I think it is a just cause, and whether they are ready for it or not, personal choice should be for everyone. You and I could argue this, but let's face it...there is NO WAY to call this game yet. Yes, mistakes were made, but name one major conflict where they weren't? War is messy, and we should hate it...no question. But it is important to let the world know that we will wage it if we have to.

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