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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Counterpoint to a Democrat Friend

I recently had a somewhat impassioned exchange with an old shipmate of mine, who is often critical of President Bush, the Iraq War and Republicans in general. I thought I would include some of my response to him to perhaps clarify my point of view to some readers. This may surprise some folks...

Dear (Shipmate),

I feel very similar to you on some of these issues - in fact I bear left of your stance on marijuana (I believe it should be legalized, taxed and treated like alcohol), gay priests (I don't really care - perhaps if they were allowed to have partners they'd fucking leave our kids alone!). In fact, I am not religious in the slightest and really can't stand most of the evangelical crap.

When it comes to racism, I am sick and tired of this guilt stuff...I'll be damned if I pay one dime in reparations to a fifth generation, nor do I support so-called "affirmative action." I am more than ready for the fat lady to sing and lets forget the friggin' skin colors once and for all.

I am for integrity and honesty and class...all of which I believe Bush embodies as much as can be expected in a president. He showed a great deal of restraint and personal grace during the election...in contrast to his challengers. And as imperfect as he is, he is for a strong America and does not kow-tow to foreign governments...I was more than ready for a guy lilke that. If you were to read my blog, you would see that I do not always support his choices....our ridiculously unprotected borders being the big one.

History will judge this war, but I think if nothing else it sent a very important message to the world: You can very easily be our friend and ally, but DON'T FUCK WITH US. Regardless of ridiculous punditry and propaganda, we do not conquer and annex, nor do we torture or kill indiscriminately. We stand for good, and in our imperfect way we are most always well-intentioned.

I have thought hard about introducing democracy into a region that is used to living under dictators. I think it is a just cause, and whether they are ready for it or not, personal choice should be for everyone. You and I could argue this, but let's face it...there is NO WAY to call this game yet. Yes, mistakes were made, but name one major conflict where they weren't? War is messy, and we should hate it...no question. But it is important to let the world know that we will wage it if we have to.


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