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Monday, April 17, 2006

Open Letter: Dear Illegal Immigrant

Let me address this specifically to the (otherwise) law-abiding, hardworking Mexican who has crossed our border without documentation. That is not to say that I don't want to talk to the Illegal Honduran, Haitian, Irishman or (especially) Arab - not to mention your "visiting" countrymen who are criminals. I've got plenty to say to those folks as well, but since it is the Undocumented Mexican Worker that has flooded the U.S. in the Millions, I will address this to YOU.

Dear Friend,

First of all, let me make some assumptions - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong:

Congratulations! What you did to get to my country was undoubtedly nothing short of death-defying, filled with pitfalls, sacrifice and hardship. You have come to my country with little else than the clothes on your back, and perhaps even had to pay a very shady coyote for passage over the border.

You are in my country for noble reasons, and for that I salute you! Chances are that you are working long hours in a labor-intensive job, making far less money than those with green cards or legal citizenship for the same work. You are using most of the meager wages that you are paid to support family here and back in Mexico.

Although a playground for the tourist gringo, your homeland of Mexico, for the most part (pardon my Portugese), is a shithole. I guess you know this, or you wouldn't have left.

  • The official unemployment rate of your country is 3.6% - but with an estimated 25% "underemployment" rate
  • The average laborer in Mexico is paid a pittance - $120.00/month. Here in my country, if you are paid minimum wage for 40-hour weeks, you will earn a gross of about $1,000.00/month
  • Much of your own government, law-enforcement and judicial officials are completely corrupt

Even your detractors here, whether you know it or not, are impressed and sympathetic with your plight.

Since coming to my country, you have discovered that over 90% of the hospital emergency rooms will treat you and your family when you are sick, even though you cannot pay for medical treatment nor insurance. You are also accutely aware that when you have children in my country they have automatic rights to citizenship - and this will help to secure your own residency here. In the area of my country in which you are now residing, you have become very knowledgable of employment opportunities, public facilities, safe areas and law enforcement routines. You live in the shadows - but these shadows are numerous and well known to you.

Although you speak little or no English, you have discovered that, in my country, there are a growing number of Spanish television and radio channels, Spanish-speaking emergency personnel, social workers and even classrooms. You have discovered that regardless of your undocumented and illegal status, there is safety in numbers and an exploding debate about your future. You might have even joined in the "reconquista" movement - claiming that this is your lawful land anyway and that we are the illegal occupants. What do you call it - the mythical land of Aztlan?

But here is a short list of my problems, as a legal, taxpaying United States Citizen, with you and yours swarming into my country.

  • Over 300,000 undocumented women, mostly Mexican, sneak into my country pregnant each year. Suddenly, I am expected to pay for food, housing, medical care and schooling for these kids up to age 18 - PLUS subsidize their mothers. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, average annual cost per school-aged child is $7,161.00 and exceeds $109 billion annually per cycle of these "anchor babies."
  • Last year, you Illegal Aliens displaced American workers at a cost in excess of $133 billion dollars, according to a Harvard study. Many of our teenaged kids cannot find summer jobs because you and your compadres are willing to work them for less, and often under the table.
  • According to the Center for Immigration Studies, your average undocumented head of household costs me and other American taxpayers $2,700.00 each year in welfare money - this over and above any taxes you are contributing. With about 15 million illegal aliens in the USA, that figure exceeds $20 billion in tax dollars.
  • According to Carrying Capacity Network, each of you are costing the American taxpayer an average of $55,200.00 after any of your own contributions, while sending most of the hard currency you earn back to Mexico.
  • You harbor a desire to reconquer the United States. Although most of the southwestern regions were won from your country in battle and you have no chance of winning it back.
  • You have broken our laws, and somehow feel entitled to my taxes and empowered to march in my streets - many of you carrying flags of THE SHITHOLE YOU LEFT!?

Listen, you are probably in luck - although I would like nothing more than to ship every last one of you back to your real homes in Mexico, it is simply not practical. But the massive (so-far silent) majority in this country, who DO vote, are watching your activities with keen interest. If you are offered a pathway to legal working status here in my country, I suggest you take it.

Do yourself and your fellow Mexican Illegals a favor too - don't take the Mexican Flag out with you in public here in my country - leave it at home, or (better yet) put it in the trash, where it belongs. Obey our laws (from here on out) and get yourself and your family documented. Work hard, and try to PAY YOUR OWN WAY in my country - it's not fair to expect us to do it for you.

Who knows? In a twist of irony, perhaps you and your family will be employed to build the 1,952-mile wall that will put an end to this mass incursion - and, once a citizen, chances are you will completely agree with my point of view on this subject.

Now, repeat after me - "God Bless America!"

Sincerely, Timmer

Michelle Malkin
Hooah Wife
Liberty Just In Case


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