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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Canadians Should Stay Out of Our Politics

I recently came across the blog of a Canadian "Progressive" activist (see http://scottneigh.blogspot.com/) who has moved temporarily to L.A. with his partner and son while she attends to her post-doctoral fellowship at UCLA. With nothing better to do with his time, this Canadian has chosen to play activist here in America. What caught my attention was his blog title "A Canadian Lefty in the Land of King George," a link to sign a petition for Ward Churchill and then the article "Solidarity with Churchill."

As you can see from my own article on Churchill (below), I really do give this wayward professor a fair shake vis-a-vis his first amendment rights and his continued employment at a state university. That aside, I don't know about you but having a Canadian Liberal activist jump in on this stuff kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Here is my commentary to his Churchill articles that I posted to his blog (to which he has since posted additional comments - below) :

"Scott, I don't have anything much against Canada - beautiful country with generally nice and easy-going people. I don't necessarily agree with their recent policies vis-a-vis the United States (e.g. harboring our deserters), but that's okay. You can marry up all the gay people you want - knock yourself out. I don't involve myself with Canadian internal affairs. It would be nice if you did likewise, my friend."

"Although you have recently relocated to LA with your family, you also point out that it is temporary - meaning you are a visitor and still a foreigner here. As a foreigner, you are going to further anger people down here who are already steamed enough to drag this pseudo-native psychotic (Churchill) up over the border to "expose" him on a CANADIAN hillside."

"If you really feel compelled to stick your nose into this (do you have nothing better to do in L.A. while your "partner" does her post-doctoral work?), why not instead start a campaign to allow this idiot to immigrate to your increasingly anti-American country? He would fit in real nice up there, and together you could all root for another attack on the American "Eichmanns."


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