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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oscar Night - Anne Coulter Style

Commies and Racists and Gays ~ OH MY!

I couldn't help but laugh when I read Anne Coulter's take on the Academy Awards (airing in about 15 minutes). Here is how she summarizes the plots of the five Best Picture Nominees:

"Brokeback Mountain" (gay)

"Capote" (death penalty with bonus gay lead)

"Crash" (racism)

"Good Night, and Good Luck" (McCarthyism)

"Munich" (Jew athletes at Munich had it coming)
((Read her article here))

As Hollyweird has spun ever-more to the left side of all things, it will be interesting to see who will be the winners of this lackluster season - if only because they will feel vindicated for ramming their social ideals down our throats. And since most of these are not even close to being blockbusters, most of this will be unfamiliar to main-stream America.

And with John Stewart as the MC, ya gotta wonder if there will be another dumbass "Michael Moore moment" this year!

*Post Oscar Update: Wow - kind of like the movies this last year, the Oscars tonight were pretty unremarkable and largely forgettable. A few highlights/lowlights:

  • CRASH beat out BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN for Best Picture
  • CLOONEY won Supporting Actor for SYRIANA (then just had to get in some lefty points)
  • STEWART was surprisingly benign (politically) - and his BJORK/CHENEY hunting joke was kinda' funny
  • PARADISE NOW, the film glorifying Palestinian Terrorists, did NOT win for Best Foreign Film
  • SALMA HAYEK (doing a presentation) still looks REALLY good
  • JESSICA ALBA (doing a presentation) looked like a walking skeleton
  • REESE WITHERSPOON won Best Actress for WALK THE LINE - and is the consumate (and still grounded) cutey pie
  • Best of all, MICHAEL FATASS MOORE was nowhere to be seen! (So he must not have been there - cuz how could you possibly miss him!)


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