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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Iraqi Constitution Vs SCOTUS Nominee Miers

Historic times in Iraq
Okay, no linky love here, just an observation or two, starting with my basic gripe of the day: Why the HELL are Conservatives wasting OUR time and the hierarchy of the airwaves, ether and print complaining about the President's choice as the next Asscociate Justice for SCOTUS? Do they not realize that, at the end of the day, it is HIS CHOICE!? Where is all of this entitlement mentality coming from? Either you trust the guy or not...and if you worked to put him in the White House (2000), then to keep him there (2004), only to not trust his judgment now? Sorry, but if this is you then YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! NOW SHUT UP ALREADY!

Besides, there are more important concerns at the moment - say, for instance, the constitutional election currently underway in Iraq that will determine its very FUTURE, and will subsequently be used as primary evidence in the court of public opinion, and history, regarding George Bush and his legacy to the world.

Bigger news and bigger impact on us and the world. As I write this, Iraqis are risking their lives to get to polling stations in order to give themselves and their families a future. This is being monitored well and closely by fellow bloggers in Iraq, Omar at Mohammed at Iraq the Model (GREAT stuff - check it out!).

If there is one thing EVERYONE knows about George Bush, it is this: He is loyal and stubborn to a fault and will never withdraw this nomination. If anything, this kind of inflamatory campaign will make him dig in deeper. In 10 years, Supreme Court Justice Miers will have a MUCH BETTER RECOLLECTION of today's hate campaigns against her than the American public will - and she will also remember who conducted them. These folks might want to keep that in mind.

So, Coulter and Savage - STAND DOWN fer cryin' outloud! You (and your egos) are damaging what you both have worked so hard to build and preserve.


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