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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Interrogations and Tribunals for Terrorists - Signed!

In a world where classified efforts of the U.S. and her allies are continuosly thwarted and undermined by "anonymous sources" (a.k.a. Traitors), Liberal News outlets (a.k.a. Traitors) and self-serving Moonbat politicians and their angry pundits (a.k.a. Accessories to Treachery), it is nice to hear some good news for a change. That is, it has now been signed into law that the U.S. can detain, interrogate and prosecute terrorists.

In a saner reality with lucid post 9-11 goggles firmly affixed, this would be readily acceptable to virtually anyone who is against terrorism. Trouble is, reality has taken a holidy in modern times. Logic is askew when a farsical Agent-outing-story (Valerie Plame) can create ten times the national outrage than the truly damaging intelligence leaks sponsored by Liberal propaganda vehicles like the New York Times and USA Today.

But today, those of us with the aforementioned mental clarity can celebrate the achievement of this new law. According to an article in the Washington Times:
"The law protects detainees from blatant abuses -- such as rape, torture and "cruel and inhuman" treatment -- during questioning but does not require that any of them be granted legal counsel. Also, it specifically bars detainees from filing habeas corpus petitions to challenge their detentions in federal courts."
President Bush:
"It is a rare occasion when a president can sign a bill he knows will save American lives...it is a defining symbol of U.S. commitment to defeating terrorists...The bill I sign today helps secure this country, and it sends a clear message: This nation is patient and decent and fair, and we will never back down from threats to our freedom. We are as determined today as we were on the morning of September 12, 2001."

The bill passed in the House by 250-170; the Senate by 65-34. In both bodies, most Republicans voted in favor and most Democrats voted against. Not a surprise there, but a good example of what is at stake in the upcoming elections. Should the Democrats win either majority, increased taxes will not be the only travesty we will face in this country. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the September 11 attacks, would no doubt throw a cell-block party with that news.

Unheralded (or ignored) by the Loopy Left is this bill's prohibition against torture and the usage of information gleaned improperly. What could be more logical and balanced than that?


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