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Thursday, October 26, 2006

10 Reasons to Vote GOP (and 5 NOT to Vote Democrat)

While Democratic operatives, pundits, politicians and Liberal media are in a full blitz misleading into the upcoming elections, there are about 15 (thousand) things they don't want you to think about. In fact, they are doing their damndest to either change the subject (no homeland attacks since 9-11), repaint reality (the economy) or inflate the importance of backburner issues (stem cell research).

As they were in 2004, Democrats are trying very hard to make us believe that they are going to coast into easy victory - perhaps in the hopes that many GOP voters will just stay home. Apparently, they put all of their faith in faulty polls and are going to need some more schoolin'. Let us start the lesson by helping them to face some reality:

10 Good Reasons to VOTE GOP:
Reason #1. No Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil!...since 9/11 the U.S. has not been attacked by terrorists. This is a direct result of such programs as the Terrrorist Surveillance Act, International Monitoring of Terrorist Funds, wide-ranging interrogation techniques (not torture) of key terrorists, and the Patriot Act - much of which has been bitterly opposed by many Democrats.

Reason #2. "It's the Economy, Stupid!"...and it is kicking butt. It is robust, vibrant, strong and growing. In the 36 months since the Bush tax cuts ended the recession that began under President Clinton, the economy has experienced astonishing growth. Over the first half of this year, our economy grew at a strong 4.1 percent annual rate, faster than any other major industrialized nation. This strong economic activity has generated historic revenue growth that has shrunk the deficit. A new commitment to spending restraint has also contributed to deficit reduction.

Reason #3. A Steady 4.6% Unemployment...which is microscopic for a major economy, and is verging on full employment. Recently, jobless claims fell to the lowest level in 10 weeks. Employment increased in 48 states over the past 12 months ending in August. Our economy has now added jobs for 37 straight months.

Reason #4. The Dow, Baby!...which is hitting record highs almost every day. Just a few short days ago, the Dow climbed above 12,000 for the first time in the history of the stock market, thus increasing the value of countless pension and 401(k) funds many Americans rely on for their retirement years...this, despite the unprecedented setbacks of Enron, 9-11 and Katrina.

Reason #5. Higher Wages....and they have risen dramatically. According to the LIBERAL Washington Post, demand for labor helped drive workers' average hourly wages, not including those of most managers, up to $16.84 last month -- a 4 percent increase from September 2005, the fastest wage growth in more than five years. Nominal wage growth has been 4.1 percent so far this year. This is better or comparable to its 1990s peaks. Over the first half of 2006, employee compensation per hour grew at a 6.3 percent annual rate adjusted for inflation. Real after-tax income has risen a whopping 15 percent since January 2001. Real after-tax income per person has risen by 9 percent since January 2001.

Reason #6. American Productivity...which is surging and has grown by a strong 2.5 percent over the past four quarters, well ahead of the average productivity growth in the last 30 years. Strong productivity growth helps lead to the growth of the Gross Domestic Product, higher real wages, and stronger corporate profits.

Reason #7. Gas Prices Have Plunged!...and according to the Associated Press, the price of gasoline has fallen to its lowest level in more than 10 months. The federal Energy Information Administration said Monday that U.S. motorists paid $2.21 a gallon on average for regular grade last week, a decrease of 1.8 cents from the previous week. Pump prices are now 40 cents lower than a year ago and have plummeted by more than 80 cents a gallon since the start of August. The previous 2006 low for gasoline was set in the first week of January, when pump prices averaged $2.238. In the week ending Dec. 5, 2005, prices averaged $2.19. Today, gasoline can be found for less than $2 a gallon in many parts of the country.

Reason #8. The Deflating Deficit...which has been cut in half three years ahead of the president's 2009 goal, with the 2006 fiscal year budget deficit down to $248 billion. The tax cuts have stimulated the economy and are working.

Reason #9. The Prescription Drug Program ROCKS!...and it is working. Despite dire predictions that most seniors would refrain from signing up to the new Medicare prescription benefits program, fully 75 percent of all those on Medicare have enrolled, and the overwhelming majority say they are happy with the program.

Reason #10. The SCOTUS!...Bush has kept his promise of naming conservative judges. He has named two conservative justices to the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John G. Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito - conservatives who are devoted to the Constitution as it is written and not as activist liberal judges think it should mean. The strong likelihood that one or more justices will soon retire from the Supreme Court makes it imperative for Republicans to hold the Senate and have a chance to name new conservative justices.

5 Good Reasons NOT to Vote Democrat:

Reason #1. A Weaker America...by opposing the Patriot Act, terrorist surveillance missile defense and even interrogating the most dangerous terrorists captured on the battlefield, Democrats are in direct opposition to the vital tools we use to fight terrorism.

Reason #2. Cut and Run...The leader of House Democrats and the woman who would be speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and her croney Rep. Jack Murtha, would push very hard for immediate surrender and abandonment of a yet unstable Iraq.

Reason #3. Higher Taxes...in fact, Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., who would lead the House tax-writing committee if Democrats win in November, said he "cannot think of one" tax cut he would renew. That agenda would result in $2.4 trillion tax increase over the next 10 years. If Democrats take majorities in BOTH the House and Senate, the average family of four can expect to pay an average of $2,000 more in taxes.

Reason #4. Two Years of Political Infighting...Democratic leaders have made it clear that they see investigations and impeachment of President Bush as viable options should they take control of Congress. They are therefore promising to tie the hands of the president and his administration in the middle of a war and during intensely dangerous situations in Iran and N. Korea.

Reason #5. No Plan...Democrats offer no real plans for the way they want to improve America or make us safer. Instead, issues like the Mark Foley scandal, the Valerie Plame non-incident and Stem-cell Research have been grossly exaggerated and misrepresented in order to smokescreen their own lack of ideas.
These are trying times, and it seems logical to stay at home or not to vote if one is dissatisfied by our current government for one reason or another. But it is important that we all consider the consequences for doing so. On 9-11-2001 we opened our eyes to the world in which we live - we only need the courage and faith to keep them that way. Even down to our one little vote.

Thanks to NewsMax for the statistics and inspiration!


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