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Friday, September 15, 2006

9-11 Conspiracies Part I: WTC "Demolitions"

Now that the five-year anniversary of 9-11 has passed and we once again return to our normal lives, those wacky Conspiracy Theorists have crawled out of the shadows again - energized anew from angrily observing our recent laments, memorials and fellowships. Well, I see no reason to ignore these folks - if we listen real close and put our thinking caps on maybe we'll learn something (or laugh ourselves to death) in the process.

What Are These Kooks Saying?

Did the Bush Administration plan and execute the greatest, most diabolically murderous and spectacular flim-flam in American history on September 11th, 2001 (in order to justify war)?
  • Were all three collapsed towers of the WTC secretly demolished?
  • Was that a missile that flew into the Pentagon?
  • Was the crash of Flight 93 in a Pennsylvania field staged and the passengers spirited away to a gas chamber?
  • If he didn't expect it, why did President Bush just sit there in that classroom and continue to read to the kids - instead of leaping to his feet and taking charge when "informed" that an aircraft had crashed into the North Tower?
These and other compelling questions have kept Charlie Sheen and other such towering intellects of our time awake at night. Sage books (like the French bestseller Pentagate) and venerable MENSA-like organizations and websites (such as 9-11 Truth, WTC7 and Prison Planet) have emerged to show us the light on this fantastical coup that was wrought by the Evil Genious George W. Bush...and you thought MoveOn.org was a magnet for nutcases!

But let's start with the first one in our series, shall we?

9-11 Conspiracies Part I:
The Alleged Secret Demolition of the WTC Towers
"Why did the collapse of the twin towers looks like the result of a controlled demolition - with explosion-like puffs of smoke coming straight out of the lower windows."
  • In controlled demolitions, detonating devices weaken or disrupt all major support points in a building at the same time and the entire building is in motion, free-falling to the ground. Footage of the WTC collapses clearly show parts of the buildings above the jetliners' earlier impact points begin falling first, while the lower parts are initially stationary until the higher floors have collapsed onto them.
  • If the towers were uniquely rigged to begin falling from the top down, what are the chances that those planning such a complicated demolition could predict the exact location the planes would impact, and prepare the towers to begin collapsing precisely there?
  • Videos of the WTC collapses show that the "puffs of smoke" do not begin until after the towers begin falling, then they increase in intensity as the collapse continues. These plumes of smoke and debris ejected from the buildings are due to the immense and rapidly escalating compression associated with millions of tons of the towers collapsing onto themselves - this would not be the case if the plumes were actually explosives used to cause the buildings to fall.
"How could the steel structure have collapsed when jet fuel is not nearly hot enough to melt steel?"
  • While there are varying assessments of the temperature of the fires at the WTC, most experts agree that the temperature probably reached 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit and possibly higher than 1,800F. This temperature would be far short of the approximately 2800F needed to melt steel, but they would have been enough to severely expand, warp - and reduce the structural integrity of - the metal. Best engineering estimates tell us that steel loses 50% of its strength at 650F, and can lose as much as 90% of its strength at temperatures of 1,800F.
  • The expansion and warping of the steel would have been particularly significant due to temperature differences within the burning structure. Thus, the trusses went limp much like a slackened laundry line, providing little or no resistance to the weight of the floors overhead.
"Okay, so why did WTC building 7 collapse if no plane flew into it?"
  • With untold thousands of tons of burning debris raining down directly onto this building, an eventual collapse was imminent as soon as the fire-fighters had abandoned any hope of extinguishing the widespread fire that had engulfed it.
  • The late-afternoon collapse of Tower 7 began at precisely the point where falling debris had been most concentrated.
"Okay, so why did the WTC lease-holder (Larry Silverstein) confess that he had asked that Tower 7 to be destroyed? Was he in on it?"
  • Due to all of the increasingly wild accounts of Mr. Silverstein's words on that fateful day, he made a statement 4 years later disputing that. He said that he had approached the Fire Department Commander - expressing his view that the most important thing was to protect the safety of those firefighters, including, if necessary, to have them withdraw from the building. Good thing...it collapsed shortly thereafter and claimed no lives.
  • Prepping a building for demolition takes considerable time and effort. Usually a building up for demolition has been abandoned for considerable time and partially gutted to allow explosives intimate contact with the structure of the building. In this case, however, ALL of the WTC buildings were occupied right up to the attack, with no reported planting of explosives.
So how did Bush et al gain access to wire 3 towers for complete demolition without anyone noticing? Imagine trying to sneak wires and bombs into buildings while thousands of people are working in offices or milling about in the halls - that scenario is unlikely in the extreme.

Tune back in for 9-11 Conspirancies Part II:

The Pentagon "Missile" Attack!

Thanks again to the Skeptic Society.


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