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Monday, August 29, 2005

Sharpton and Jackson Vie for Liberal Attention

"Libs Gone Wild" or what?
Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson seem to be competing for an award as "America's Most Whacko," as both men jet off to different points on the map in order to gain even more public exposure as champions of the left. These highly transparent pundits of lunacy have leapt onto the latest political bandwagons faster than you can say "political posturing."

Al Sharpton, of late the most conspicuous of the two due to his laughable presidential candidacy in 2004 (it was his turn), has belatedly joined the Cindy Sheehan Circus (along with an even more laughable Martin Sheen). Never one to be at a loss for words, the "Reverend" took a break from posing with Mrs. Sheehan to say that she had become "the conscience of this nation."

Of course, the horde of different-minded folks across the street have a very different take on that. Maybe they figure that "America's Conscience" would not be someone who makes anti-American statements, such as "this country is not worth dying for?"

So what about Al? Is it possible that the good "Reverend" is still pining for his glory days as James Brown's touring manager - a gig he had for almost a decade (in fact the ONLY real job he seems to have ever held). Hey, he even kept the funky hair-do.

Jesse Jackson, the civil rights leader once thought (wrongly) to be heir-apparent to the truly honorable Martin Luther King Jr, has done some good things but should not get a free pass when he does something dubious - like flying out to Caracas, Venezuela to hobnob with Dictator Hugo Chavez.

Jackson is making these overtures because he feels that he needs to show his support to Chavez in the face of televangelist Pat Robertson's suggestion that he should be "taken out." So good old Jesse rushed off to calm the waters and (he wants us to think) save the day!

And as a self-appointed "Civil Rights Leader," perhaps it would be safe to assume that the good "Reverend" inquired from his new friend Chavez about his many politically motivated, ad hoc executions last year? Not bloody likely.

By the way, Pat Robertson IS A MORON -- but that is beside the point. He is a private citizen who ran off at the mouth - much like Jesse has in the past. (Unlike Jackson, Robertson apologized.)

Oh, and the Deranged Dictator Chavez, who REALLY HATES our government (and LOVES Fidel) and may very well cut off the oil we import from Venezuela, told Jackson he wanted to discuss the possiblility of sending oil at preferential terms to poor communities in the Untited States. I'm not making this up.

So, here are my questions:

--Who's CIVIL RIGHTS are these "civil rights leaders" trying to protect?
--If they are "Reverends," WHERE THE HELL ARE THEIR CHURCHES (hey, Pat has the 700 club)?
--How have these two snake-oil salesmen BS'd so many people?
--How long until someone calls them on their BS?

....oh wait, that would be ME!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The "Big Easy" and Epic Katrina

As I write this at 12:30 A.M. on Monday, Katrina is bearing down on New Orleans and will make landfall within a few hours. At the moment, they are experiencing gusts of 30-50 mph, but that is about to change.

The way it looks now, New Orleans will NOT experience a direct hit by the nucleus, but as Katrina sweeps north along the Eastern fringe of the city, the real danger is going to be FLOODING. In fact, 50-70% of the Big Easy is now forecast to be UNDER WATER by dawn. With swells up to 28 feet high, the retaining walls will not be able to contain the sheer mass.

Although most have escaped, over 25,000 people will remain to ride out this GOLIATH of a storm - which is a Category 5, and it doesn't get any bigger than that.

The people of New Orleans and those towns in coastal Mississippi, Alabama and Western Florida are in our thoughts and prayers. Be safe, folks.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Abu Ghraib Replacing the Twin Towers?

Okay - a little sensational I admit, but it got your attention - and is not so far off the mark. Fact is, there is a very real danger that the Twin Towers in Manhattan will NOT be replaced by a suitable memorial (think Vietnam Wall or USS Arizona). No, the plan is to overshadow what happened to nearly 3000 Americans and hundreds of others when two well-fueled passenger jets slammed into the towers and brought them down - with thousands inside. The International Freedom Center plans to erect a 300,000 Square foot space devoted to "man's inhumanity to man," to include Hiroshima and Abu Ghraib.

Hmmmm - so where the hell is the 9-11 memorial!?

There is MUCH more to this. Why not check out the article at Take Back the Memorial and get a load of THIS nonsense! Then, go to The Opinion Journal and sign the petition. (Thanks for the heads up Pamela!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bush Speaks In MY Private Idaho

President Bush just happened to pay a visit to my home state, Idaho, these past few days - even gave a little speech to some of the men and women in the Idaho National Guard and Idaho Air National Guard and their families. Idaho Guard units have over 1,700 members serving in Iraq - the largest per capita contribution by any state.

After his emotionally charged and animated speech, the President spent two hours meeting with families of the those deployed to Iraq - a custom he continues with earnest despite liberal claims of his having avoided families (and a certain irrational and confused mother, with whom he met last year).

Though implicit, there was no question that the President took pains to address concerns and outlandish charges stemming from the Cindy Sheehan "circus" that has raged for a bit more than its hoped-for 15 minutes of fame (infamy?).

He once again clarified his staunch position on the War on Terror, and called for continued resolve in the face of stark realities of war. "As long as I'm the president, we will stay, we will fight and we will win the war on terror." A theme oft repeated, but it would seem that Americans - and the terrorists, need to hear it.

He emphasized his reasons for staying the course in Iraq. He stated that withdrawing troops now from Iraq and the Middle East, "as some have called for, would only embolden the terrorists and create a staging ground to launch more attacks against America and free nations."

For those who have forgotten the primary rationale for war, beyond the ad nauseum whining about "no WMDS," the President repeated his doctrine. "We will confront emerging threats before they fully materialize. And if you harbor a terrorist, you're just as guilty as the terrorist."

In order to show the other side of patriotic military families who have risked sons and daughters, the President introduced a Mom with four sons in Iraq, plus one and her husband having returned from there. "Here in Idaho, a mom named Tammy Pruett, I think she's here, knows that feeling six times over."

Mr. Bush quoted Ms. Pruett as saying: "I know that if something happens to one of the boys, they would leave this world doing what they believe, what they believe is right for our country. And I guess you couldn't ask for a better way of life than giving it for something you believe in."

Mr. Bush went on to reiterate the amazing accomplishments made so far in Iraq - milestones unthinkable two years ago, and easily forgotten today. His was an important speech today - one that bears repeating. Yet one that surely fell on deaf ears in a dusty encampment down Crawford way.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Make September 11th a "National Day of Service"

Gary Sinise (LT Dan of "Forrest Gump" and star of "CSI: New York") has sent out a call to all Americans to help recognize September 11th in a most human and patriotic way - make 9-11 a National Day of Service.

In case you don't already know it, Mr. Sinise is nothing like many of his narcissistic Hollywood contemporaries. He, along with Laura Hillenbrand (author of "Sea Biscuit") launched an excellent program in March 2004 called Operation Iraqi Children which is a program that enables Americans to send School Supply Kits to Iraqi children, which is distributed by American Soldiers on the ground in Iraq. (I am proud to say that I contributed an original T-Shirt design for that effort, which Mr. Sinise used, along with funding by my old shipmate and his friend Mike Burress, to gain contributions for OIC).

Now, Gary is at it again. Here is his message:
Dear Friends,
I would like to make you aware of a wonderful initiative I am involved in to turn September 11th into a national day of service. I encourage everyone to take a moment to go to nycremembers.org to see what it is all about. It is a beautiful concept and...one that Congress has endorsed.

This is a great idea dedicated to the spirit of a nation coming together to
help those in need. Remember how we all felt during the period after 9/11?

Please take a few minutes to explore this website.

Best, Gary

As you will see if you visit this website, it is all about humanity and giving. No politics, just national awareness and brotherhood. I encourage my readers to check this out!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Soldier Schools Matt Lauer of the "Today Show"

Ah, the arrogance of the Liberal Media. It never ceases to amaze (and amuse) me.

Yesterday morning, The Today Show made a surprise live broadcast from Iraq with their leading Liberal, Matt Lauer - who showed the comfortable and all-too-familiar ignorance of his profession while interviewing a soldier in-country. Although the topic of the interview was supposed to be an upcoming "teddy-bear drop" for the Iraqi children, Matt decided to get cute.

Mr. Lauer, in an interview with Captain Sherman Powell, seemed to anticipate very different answers from the young officer when he asked his leading questions.

"Now, don't get me wrong, I think you guys are probably telling me the truth about how well it's going to over here, but there might be a lot of people at home wondering how that could be possible, how could it possibly be going well here with the conditions you're facing and with the insurgent attacks that you're facing, so what would you say to those people who were doubtful that morale can be that high here?"

Captain Powell:
"Well, sir, I tell you if I got my news from the newspapers also I'd be pretty depressed as well."

"What don't you think is being correctly portrayed?"

Captain Powell:
"Sir, I know it's hard to get out and get on the ground and report the news, and I understand that, and I appreciate that fact, but for those of us who actually have a chance to go out and go on patrols and meet the Iraqi army and Iraqi police and go on patrols with them, we are very satisfied with the way things are going here, and we are confident that if we're allowed to finish the job we started, we'll be very proud of it, and our country will be proud of us for doing it."

"...I would just tell you, and for the people who are listening back at home, that we appreciate the support we've gotten from them so far, and soldiers will do anything when they know they have good leadership and they have the support from the people back at home, and as long as we continue to have confidence that we are supported and people have our back, there is nothing we cannot accomplish."

This was no self-deluding Tom Cruise going off on a megalomaniacal tangent about his imagined expertise on a subject he has no education or background in...this time it was ONE OF OUR FINEST - telling it like it is....and how it isn't.

Matt, would you like some FRIES to go with that CROW??

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sheehan Squandering Sympathy, Family Angered

Casey Sheehan was an Army Specialist who served his Nation honorably until he fell in April 2004. Like millions of his equally brave countrymen over the last 229 years, he had volunteered to serve his country and paid the ultimate price. His life, and death, should be honored by all Americans (oh, if that were the case!).

Cindy Sheehan, Casey's grieving Mother, gained an audience with President Bush later last year with other grieving families. Although there is much speculation about how her encounter with the President went, it is clear that she was still not satisfied and had taken a position against the war in Iraq which had claimed her brave boy.

**So far, this is just another tragic story of a Mother - grieving for her son and wanting some answers. We should (and most of us do) feel great sympathy for this poor woman. She represents something that any patriotic American can feel real empathy for.

Enter the ACTIVISTS. Cindy Sheehan, although still a Mom who wants answers, has become a puppet to Liberal Hate-Groups, such as MoveOn.org and others....including a featured Blogspot on the website of that GREAT AMERICAN (Traitor and Coward), Michael Moore. And they are hurting our soldiers, marines and sailors...the men and women left over there, fighting for what Casey was fighting for. When I see her on camera, I am reminded of the Muslim women who are paid to publicly wail in front of the western cameramen. Although I don't doubt her grief, it all seems rather staged...hey, she even has a publicist.

Hundreds of Bush Supporters have gathered to call these people out. While most of them feel for Ms. Sheehan as a bereaved Mother, they also recognize that she has become the somewhat unwitting pawn of extreme leftists - a woman blinded by her grief to even her own family.

Speaking of HER FAMILY, here is what THEY had to say in a letter for Matt Drudge to present to the public:

"The Sheehan Family lost our beloved Casey in the Iraq War and we have been silently, respectfully grieving. We do not agree with the political motivations and publicity tactics of Cindy Sheehan. She now appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the the expense of her son's good name and reputation. The rest of the Sheehan Family supports the troops, our country, and our President, silently, with prayer and respect."

This from FrontPageMagazine.com:
"...as a mechanic in the 1st battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, Casey did not have to go into the battle that claimed his life. When some of his fellow soldiers encountered resistance, he and others in his unit chose to go into combat to save his friends."

"Cindy Sheehan herself recounted it this way: "[T]he sergeant said, "Sheehan, you don't have to go," because my son was a mechanic. And Casey said, "Where my chief goes, I go."""

Sheehan wants to ask the President "Why did you kill my son?" I have a better question for Her... "Why are YOU killing more of our young men and women by emboldening the Enemy?" Aljazeera is already eating this stuff up, and THAT is where I draw the line on my sympathy.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Able Danger" - Liberal Silence is Deafening

Ever notice how Liberals (and extreme Conservatives, to be fair) CLAM UP when there is a story that derails much of their past rhetoric. Enter the revelations of a little known military intelligence unit, "Able Danger."

If you are a Liberal reading this for the first time here, I am not surprised. It turns out that the Clinton administration, the FBI and the Pentagon all chose NOT to listen to information that was being presented to them, by this military intel unit, that included the names of at least FOUR 9-11 HIJACKERS - including Mohamed Atta.

Oh, and did I mention that the much-celebrated 9-11 Commission was also given this information...only to first claim NO KNOWLEDGE, then SOME KNOWLEDGE, and finally a full disclosure, with the only explanation being that they were "wrapping up" when this information came to light (or darkness, apparently).

Anyhow, why not read the following links and address THESE questions: Who is responsible for this intelligence disaster and what could have been done better? Might these reports have prevented all or part of the 9-11 attack?

-SFGate - San Francisco Chronicle

-The Summer of 2000 and Able Danger

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Justice Roberts ~ A Relief for Democrats?

So you've got to ask yourself: "Why are the Democrats and Lefties trying so desperately to find something, ANYTHING, on Supreme Court nominee Roberts?"

*Update 8-10-05:
Here is an example...See this FACTCHECK.ORG Article - NARAL Falsely Accuses Supreme Court Nominee Roberts

Given that he is a right-center sort of fellow, with proven liberal leanings on some issues, it is my contention that not only should democrats STOP wasting millions in investigations and advertisements, they should thank their LUCKY STARS that the President didn't tag someone MUCH more conservative, as was actually expected.

To be honest, I was half-hoping that the President would give a recess appointment to Roberts (as he did with U.N. Ambassador Bolton) just to see the sh*t-storm that would surely follow. Liberals get SO WOUND UP about these issues - no wonder psychiatrists/psychologists are so much more prevalent in Blue-States than in Red States.

Democrats and Liberals would be well advised to worry about OTHER upcoming issues - such as the imminent vacancy for Chief Justice.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Ambassador Bolton - What Did They Expect?

Ambassador Bolton Accepts Appointment
After five months of trying to play by the rules, and five months of stalling, slander and filibuster, the Democrats are giving us another shot of their INDIGNANT FACES (that we've come to know so well) as they quickly head off to wherever they go for their too-long Summer recess.

What exactly did these folks expect? They claim that the FILIBUSTER is their constitutional right - a phrase they throw around quite loosely. But when President Bush, who has tried to play nice-nice with these heel-nipping Democrats for nearly half a year JUST TO GET AN UP-OR-DOWN VOTE, then decides to exercise HIS constitutional privilege as President? Watch out - because THAT is simply NOT FAIR!

Sen. Christopher Dodd predicted Bolton's credibility at the world body would be damaged by the recess appointment, since Bush was unable to get the nomination through the Senate. Wait a second...should we not then reassemble the Senate and take a vote? Guess who would win THAT little contest?

SO we have Ambassador Bolton until January 2007...a strong presence in the corrupt and chaotic United Nations, while otherwise we would have had no official ambassadorial representation until AFTER the silly minority came back to work in the Senate.

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