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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraq's Election - Historic, Significant and Revealing

Where are the trumpets?

I just can't believe that these, the first REAL elections of Iraq in her tormented history, are not being more prominantly splashed across the international media as a TRIUMPH to humanity. Instead, we find a luke-warm and guarded reception from most of the Arabic papers on this, the eve of democracy SMACK DAB in the CENTER of the middle east.

Let us back up for just a second: Out of 22 nations in the Arab League, this will be THE FIRST in which there was a free and truly democratic election, in which women voted and the outcome reflected the TRUE WILL of the people.

Ted Kennedy has got to be the biggest ass since since Carter....does he REALLY think that this is an appropriate and productive time to criticize the war and, by association, our troops and our country? Out of all the Kennedies to have fallen, why did we have to be left with this one? His influence, limited as it might be, could cost us troop morale and YES...even lives.

I for one would like to offer sincere and emphatic CONGRATULATIONS to the Iraqi people, our wonderful troops and YES - to our stalwart and indomitable President for making this happen.

Andrew Jackson, before becoming President, was called "Old Hickory" because he never swayed from his mission and his vision. In the battle for New Orleans (War of 1812) he gathered less than 5,000 Americans to stand against the most feared army of the world (Britain). Outnumbered but determined, Jackson drew a line in the sand and inspired his rag-tag gang of defenders to hold the line and, if necessary, pay with their lives. It was to be the biggest military upset in the history of warfare, with less than 200 mortalities suffered on the American side and several thousand lost by the British.

We are AMERICANS and must remember our heritage and the folks who got us here....NOT the silver-spoon hangers-on who hide behind amendments, rhetoric, propaganda and liberal talking points.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Condi Nom, or Opportune WHINE Tasting?

So, here we are - on the brink of a very hard-won NATIONAL ELECTION in Iraq, our President facing down a massive challenge (and resistance) in finally tackling Social Security and then, if all goes well, taking on the tax mess. All of this nonsense from the post-election democrats about "reaching across the aisle"...to what? Slap the administration in the face?

Take this ridiculous temper tantrum from the Senate over Dr Rice's nomination as Secretary of State.

After all we have been through and accomplished as a nation, they can only use every chance they get to whine about the friggin' war. What does it mean, for instance, to be "absolutely qualified" but then receive a "nay" vote, as in that from the likes of John Heinz Kerry? Or to have a bitter old woman, like Senator Boxer (D-CA), attack the integrity of her betters (like Dr. Rice), only to turn around the next day and remind democrats of how she stood up to the administration's policy in Iraq and, by the way, could they contribute money to the DNC?

13 votes against Condi, for no other reason than to demonstrate frustration.

Interestingly enough, guess who voted Yay for the good Doctor? None other than the next democratic Presidential candidate, Hills Rodham Clinton. Yikes....

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Tsunami Relief - America Stingy?

I think it has finally become obvious to even the most optimistic of Conservatives - there really is NOTHING we (this administration) can do right.

At first, the IMMEDIATE 15 million in initial funding caused an outcry from foreigner and liberal (American?) alike -- America is stingy and should at least spend more on disaster relief than on the Presidential inauguration.

Then, it was 35 million as we began to identify where the money was needed most -- this was STILL not enough, even though we had promised to increase our contribution a great deal in the days to come.

At 350 million, it was determined that we are STILL stingy because the Japanese had put up 500 million, making us (God forbid) the SECOND highest contributor in the world.

Now, although we have promised much more funding and have sent BILLIONS of dollars in military equipment and troop assistance, we are still the bad guy who is ONLY DOING IT FOR SHOW.

Is it just me, or are we facing a no-win situation with the world at large and our blatantly ANTI-AMERICAN liberals here at home? Ever think we should just cut the world off for a few years (completely) and THEN see what happens? Who would be there for them then?

Just a thought.

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